Jessica Entis – Jessica has a degree in Fine Arts from Miami University, and a degree in Time-Based Media Design from the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD). From third grade she knew she wanted to be an artist, and loves creating creatures and worlds from her own imagination. She developed those skills to a professional level as a fine artist. After graduating from Miami she taught art for two years for grades K-8 in Cincinnati, OH before deciding that it was time to change gears. She’d always dreamed of going to Japan, so she applied for the JET Programme to teach English in Japanese schools. She also wanted to move from fine art into commercial art, so at the same time she applied for CCAD. She was accepted into both, and deferred CCAD one year to head out to Japan. She spent a year there in the small but lovely Saga City, then came home to pursue a degree in film and animation. Her hand-animated student film “Seren” was accepted to a local film festival in 2007. She also helped with “Dr. Docatto’s Reprise!!!”, posing background characters for a large crowd sequence. After graduation in 2006 from CCAD, Jessica was hired on as a flash animator and graphic designer at Omnipath, Inc. in Dublin, OH where she currently creates animation and graphics for interactive online training courses.

Her personal artistic interests are varied including the Japanese arts, Impressionism, ceramics, sculpture, animation and illustration with a particular love for science fiction and fantasy. She also loves to write fiction and plays the koto, a traditional Japanese instrument. Her next big personal project is an original illustrated graphic novel, currently in progress.

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