George Davis has dropped out of fewer schools then he has graduated.  Which is pretty good.  First in ’95 he dropped out of the Ohio University School of Music.  But soon over compensated failure with a string  of short but challenging engagements by graduating Marine Corps Recruit Training  – MCRD Paris Island, Marine Combat Training – Camp Pendelton and U.S. Armed Forces School of Music – Little Creek Virginia.   George Was discharged from active duty (Honorably)  went back to O.U. and finally got a Bachelors of Communication in Audio Production in ’02.   Then he applied to and was denied acceptance  to O.U.’s graduate film department but started taking the film classes anyway.  After the first quarter the department decided to admit him after all.  That turned out to be something of a bad choice as George dropped out of grad school in ’04 and began working professionally in Columbus Ohio as a specialist in video post production.

George has since then proven a competent, creative and driven commercial operator.  He started his career working for SOS Video Communications initially in the audio suite jockeying their ProTools rig.   George has since established and proven skill sets on all things Avid, Apple and Adobe creating audio, video and graphical digital media content.
George writes a bit, takes lots of pictures with his new camera (Some of which look pretty good!)  and drinks too much with his friends according to his exasperated but very loving (and loved) wife.

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