Benjamin W. Neidenthal – Ben attended the Columbus College of Art and Design. Before graduation he won critical acclaim for his student film “Dr. Docatto’s Reprise!!!” from 15 international film festivals. After graduating, he began work as a freelance 3d animator in the Columbus area. Some of his clients include HGA Inc., Ozone Studios, Value City Furniture, SafeAuto Insurance, Accel, Victoria’s Secret, and SOS Video Communications. He is currently employed as the Director of Multimedia for Byers Automotive. Ben’s expertise has expanded from 3d animation, to motion graphics, to compositing, web design, and you can even hear him on TV and the Radio as a voice-over artist.

With Animation Hero’s first professional film, “A Sphere In Boxland”, Ben created the original concept when he was in college. After “Dr. Docatto’s Reprise!!!” was completed, production began, and Ben produced the first animatic. While production was underway,  he worked as a character rigger for the film, and served as the sole animator of the production as well. Once the film was animated he oversaw the rendering of the production, and the final composite of all the shots.



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