Dr. Docatto’s Reprise!!!” is the award winning student film from creator Benjamin W. Neidenthal and Algorithm Animation Studios, and was proudly accepted into sixteen international film festivals.

“Every small town has a mad scientist, unfortunately, for Jamestown that man is Dr. Docatto: the worlds worst inventor. After years of severe failure, Dr. Docatto is about to throw in the towel all together, when he comes up with an idea so wild, so nutty, and so hair-brained, that he is sure it will secure his place in the history books!”

Story – Benjamin W. Neidenthal, Matt Corcoran, James Davis, Jessica Beuchamp
Written By – Benjamin W. Neidenthal
Directed By – Benjamin W. Neidenthal
Modelers – Matt Corcoran, James Davis, Benjamin W. Neidenthal
Rigger – Benjamin W. Neidenthal
Animator – Benjamin W. Neidenthal
Lighting – Matt Corcoran
Texture – Matt Corcoran
Rendering – Matt Corcoran, Benjamin W. Neidenthal, James Davis
Compositing – Matt Corcoran
Editing – George Davis
Sound Design – Benjamin W. Neidenthal, George Davis
Musical Score – George Davis
Starring – Benjamin W. Neidenthal, James Davis, Matt Corcoran, Bethany Frew-Corcoran


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