“A Sphere In Boxland” is a story for anyone who has ever felt like they don’t belong. In a place called Boxland, a lone Sphere struggles with being different than everyone around him. Lonely, sad, and the target of constant harassment, he sets out one day after losing his job, in search of a place where he fits in.

Featuring music by The Super Desserts, “A Sphere In Boxland” is an indie film with heart, soul, and a lesson for everyone.”

Story – Benjamin W. NeidenthalJessica Entis, Sheri Larrimer
Directed By – Benjamin W. Neidenthal
Concept Art – Sagar Patel
Modelers – Benjamin W. Neidenthal, Sheri Larrimer
Animator – Benjamin W. Neidenthal
Lighting – Benjamin W. Neidenthal, Sheri Larrimer
Texture – Sheri Larrimer, Jessica Entis
Editing – George Davis
Sound Design – George Davis
Sound Technician – George Davis
Matte Painting – Jessica Entis, Sheri Larrimer

Music – The Super Desserts

Starring – Benjamin W. Neidenthal, Jessica Entis, Sheri Larrimer, Ken Falk, Kacey Grady, Mindie Fish, Nathan Fish, Denisa Cellar




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